Vehicle leasing and purchasing


If you're in the process of buying a vehicle you may be confused about the best way to go about it. Is cash better than an overdraft? Should you be accessing equity in your property? These options may not always be in your best interest, and in this case, we can help you with vehicle leasing arrangements.

If you get your leasing structure right, benefits include:

  • a more transparent structure for your Accountant and the ATO
  • conservation of capital which decreases your dependence on overdrafts and personal credit facilities
  • the asset secures itself
  • no risk to your real estate assets e.g. Business premises or family home; and
  • attractive tax benefits

Not just cars

It’s not just the family or business car that are suited to leasing. There are a number of assets that can be financed this way including:

  • Passenger Cars
  • Light and Heavy Commercial Vehicles
  • Manufacturing Plant & Equipment
  • Medical & Dental Equipment
  • Fit outs; and
  • IT Hardware

Vehicle purchasing

Not only can you secure a great leasing deal through Premier Finance & Associates, we’re often able to save our clients thousands on the purchase price of new vehicles.

Through our associated buying groups, we are able to offer a great way to buy your new passenger or light commercial vehicle.

Our buying groups purchase large volumes of vehicles each week which gives us access to free group discounts that are unavailable to the general public. So why would you pay full retail price?

Once you have decided on your chosen vehicle, our groups will invite multiple dealers from a network of over 600 from all over the country to compete for your business.

An optional, no pressure test drive can be arranged at your home or work, a valuation done on your trade-in and once the deal is done and the car is delivered to your home with a full tank of fuel. As a bonus, normal fees are waived which means the savings remain in your pocket.

Wondering if leasing is right for you? Contact us today for a cost and obligation free chat.