Our funding process step-by-step


We want to make sure that you understand what’s happening every step of the way so there are no nasty surprises.

Below is an overview of how our funding process works. If you’re interested in working with us, we provide you with even more detailed information about the process.

Step 1: Before our first meeting

  • You make initial contact with us by picking up the phone, or contacting us through our website
  • Before we get started, we provide you Budget, Privacy Act, Credit Guide and our unique All You Need to Know documentation
  • You then provide us with requested relevant supporting documentation such as financial information, rates notice, bank statements, contracts etc. prior to our first funding meeting
  • Our first funding meeting is where we take the time to listen to learn about your history, current circumstances and your goals.

Step 2: Recommendations

  • We make funding recommendations by providing you with; a Quote, pre-populated Lender Application Form, Product Matrix, Credit Proposal Disclosure and Preliminary Assessment. We save you valuable time by filling out the form for you and marking where you need to sign.
  • You provide us with requested signed documentation and any other supporting documentation such as current bank statements etc.
  • We send you our covering letter. This letter sets out for you the full structure of proposed borrowings providing full detail of products, borrowers, mortgagors, security, purposes etc. This is particularly useful for more complex structures for your Accountant and a simple guide for you to retain to avoid your finances getting confusing.

Step 3: Lender Submission

  • We prepare and lodge your Credit Submission with the Lender
  • We receive notification of conditional approval of your loan
  • We recommend you arrange a building / pest inspection report on the property as well as arranging Building Cover prior to settlement
  • If you are pre-approved and then buy a property you will then send us the Contract of Sale, Vendor’s Statement and Deposit Receipt.
  • The Lender will then instruct a valuation report on the security property forming part of its approval process.
  • You’ll then receive unconditional approval once all approval conditions e.g. satisfactory valuation report is satisfied by the lender.

Step 4: Lender Documentation

  • The Lender’s Document Preparation Team or Solicitor is then instructed to prepare the Mortgage Documents and Loan Offer and mail or email them out to you.
  • You sign and return these documents to the Lender or Solicitor.

 Step 5: Settlement Arrangements

  • If you buy your property, we recommend you provide a copy of the Loan Offer and Mortgage Documents to your lawyer or other legal representative. They can advise you of the amount of any additional funding such as allowing for stamp duty, equity, your contribution in excess of the initial 10% deposit you may need to allow for prior to settlement.
  • The Lender or its Solicitor will then communicate with the vendor’s Legal Representative (or the outgoing lender in the case of a refinance) to arrange a time and place for settlement
  • Your funding will then be settled.

Step 6: Post Settlement

  • We will make contact with you post settlement to see how things are going
  • The lender will contact you by phone and/or a mailed or emailed Welcome Pack
  • We will provide regular and ongoing complimentary reviews to ensure your funding remains competitive in the market as well as meeting your life changes.
  • We encourage you to keep us in the loop if you are unhappy with your lender, considering refinancing, need to top up your existing facilities (no matter how small the amount) or want access to some existing equity for any reason.